Intrepid Integrity

Authenticity Incubator for Gifted Mavericks.

What Is Intrepid Integrity?

Intrepid Integrity is an incubator for gifted adults who are ready to
proactively invest in the process of rediscovering and reconnecting with
who they desire & aspire to be.

Not Rocket Science.

Intrepid Integrity ideology and methodology is inspired by creative and entrepreneurial giants.

What Members Receive.

100% Members-Only Community.

Intrepid Integrity is paid member only access, to create and provide a safe and private space of commitment to the process and respect of the vulnerability involved.

100% Self-Contained Publishing Platforms.

With the focus to practice and produce, be it written, visual, audio or video, Intrepid Integrity members can pick their modality of choice for private creative output.

Exclusive Coaching Sessions.

Members-only access to live video coaching calls, where Silver will troubleshoot problems and provide both perspective and encouragement.

Unique Insight & Unflinching Support.

Silver provides unique support as a fellow gifted maverick who has walked the path herself, and more importantly, walks it every day still.

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