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Authenticity Incubator for Gifted Adults.

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What is Intrepid Integrity?

Intrepid Integrity is a 12-week authenticity incubator program liberating & empowering gifted adults to be who they are—boldly & joyfully—through creativity, coaching & community.

At Intrepid Integrity, we believe that it is possible for gifted adults—from mildly to profoundly gifted—to:

How Does Intrepid Integrity Work?

Intrepid Integrity is a digital space of commitment to the experience & expression of integrity & authenticity via creative exploration & experimentation.

However, you are not here to create art. Creativity is merely the tool, with which you excavate & liberate—

Who Is Intrepid Integrity For?

Intrepid Integrity is for gifted adults who are ready to invest in themselves—financially, psychologically & creatively—and embark on an intensive & intimate journey to their inherent source of self worth, authority & direction.

What You Need.

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What is Giftedness?

Giftedness is a term used to describe a minority—approximately 5%—of the human population who are born & live with a constellation of traits that result in unusual sensitivity, agility & capacity in neurocognitive function.

This presents as increased intensity, complexity, dimensionality & mutability in experience & expression, from childhood to adulthood.

As a result, gifted adults evince an uncommon divergency, perceptivity & ingenuity in multiple domains & disciplines in life.

Why Do Integrity & Authenticity Matter for Gifted Adults?

As a neurominority, many gifted adults lack the luxury of social modelling from childhood—something most people take for granted—to help them develop healthy self concept.

Most importantly, some gifted adults grow up deprived of loving validation & affirmation for who they are.

Instead, many have internalised a lifetime of criticism & ostracism simply for being different, and have developed conscious & unconscious patterns of self repression & renunciation to pass as “normal” to survive.

Hence, many gifted adults drift through life unaware of deep developmental wounds that rob them of inherent self worth, security, authority & direction.

As a rule, gifted people can be extremely creative, powerful, effective & efficient at what they do.

When that potential is not challenged towards happy & healthy outcomes, but rather into unhappy & unhealthy patterns, gifted adults create especially vicious lifelong cycles of self destruction, for both themselves & their loved ones.

What the Pioneers Had to Say.

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What You Receive.

100% Members-Only Community.

Intrepid Integrity is paid member-only access, a safe & private space committed to respecting the process & vulnerability of all involved.

100% Self-Contained Publishing Platforms.

With the focus on exploration of self through creative expression, be it written, visual, audio or video, members can pick their modality of choice—any or all!

Exclusive Group Coaching Sessions.

Members-only access to weekly group coaching sessions, where Silver will provide insight, perspective & encouragement.

Unique Insight & Unflinching Support.

Silver provides unique support as a fellow gifted adult who has walked the path herself & more importantly, walks it every day still.

Who Is Silver Huang?

Silver is a profoundly gifted, autistic & multisensory intuitive who is a coach & mentor for highly, exceptionally & profoundly gifted adults.

Her passion is to inspire, liberate & empower gifted adults to Be.

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What Is the Investment?

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Closes Friday 2 November 2018.

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Break up your investment into 5 instalments, debited every 4 weeks.

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