Intrepid Integrity

Authenticity Incubator for Gifted Mavericks.

What Is Intrepid Integrity?

Intrepid Integrity is an incubator and dojo for students and practitioners of authenticity.

Not Rocket Science.

Intrepid Integrity ideology and methodology is inspired by creative and entrepreneurial giants.

About Silver

Silver Huang is a neuromaverick devoted to creating life with raw integrity.

Lived, Tried & True.

Intrepid Integrity was born from Silver’s own lifelong efforts—working against fear, shame and repression—towards integrity and authenticity.

A neuromaverick herself, she knows firsthand how few gifted adults ever allow themselves to be who they are—freely.

She also knows full well how such repression can cripple health and well-being.

After decades of misery and failed pursuits caused by her “blindness and terror of self”, she finally had enough.

Intrepid Integrity began as an experiment in April 2017 to unfetter “her self from herself”.

Silver published her first video in a series spanning three months, detailing her raw process of self examination and excavation as it unfolded day by day.

The act catalysed an extraordinary series of insights and events that culminated in an incredible physical, psychological and spiritual healing six months later in October.

Stunned by the power of her liberation and transformation, Silver is now doubly passionate about helping other gifted mavericks discover and experience the like in their own lives.

What Members Receive.

100% Members-Only Community.

Intrepid Integrity is paid member only access, to create and provide a safe and private space of commitment to the process and respect of the vulnerability involved.

100% Self-Contained Publishing Platforms.

With the focus to practice and produce, be it written, visual, audio or video, Intrepid Integrity members can pick their modality of choice for private creative output.

Exclusive Coaching Sessions.

Members-only access to live video coaching calls, where Silver will troubleshoot problems and provide both perspective and encouragement.

Unique Insight & Unflinching Support.

Silver provides unique support as a fellow gifted maverick who has walked the path herself, and more importantly, walks it every day still.

Interested? Inspired?

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